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Finca Vida Azul
Finca Vida Azul

Finca Vida Azul is located in Costa Rica’s only Blue Zone. This small micro-farm produces 80 sacks of coffee per year and is situated 850-1050 meters above sea level in the highest mountain region of the Guanacaste Province. With panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Guanacaste, the farm is divided into 4 sub lots that have different sun exposure and plant make-up. Vida Azul was purchased by the Bale family in 2017 as a mature, already producing farm. The Tamarindo Coffee Roasters team has taken over management and production of Vida Azul and is now the only farm producing specialty coffees in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica. Vida Azul and TCR work as partners with a mission to create a name for specialty coffees grown and processed in the Guanacaste Blue Zone.

Region: Guanacaste

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